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While the Mystic spray booth is quick and painless,there are a few things you should do to prep your skin for the spray tan. Follow these prep instruction, to ensure your spray tan will look flawless, luminous and last so much longer.

  1. Complete all other beauty services prior to your appointment (pedicures,manicures,massages,waxing/laser hair removal,facials,etc.)
  2. Shower with a spray tan approved cleanser or exfoliator, shave any unwanted body hair. Do not use any dove ,dail,or bath and body works products; that will  create an invisible barrier on the skin causing the spray tan to not go on evenly.
  3. Be sure to arrive at your appointment free of any deodorant,perfume,moisturizer, oil or makeup as these products will act as a barrier between your tan and your skin.
  4. Wear dark loose clothing, and open-toe sandals after your appointment. Anything tight will cause friction against the spray tan on the skin making it uneven. Please note that the bronzer in the solution is only temporary but it may transfer to your items so make sure they are 100% cotton it will come right off in the wash.
  5. The most common side effect clients experience is becoming addicted to spray tanning.